Welcome to Lohkva Kindergarten

Lohkva Kindergarten was opened on the 1st September 2010. We are located on the border of Luunja Parish, just near Tartu.

There are 109 children from 2-7 and 28 staff members including 18 teachers in our kindergarten.

There are 6 groups in our kindergarten – Nublud, Sipsikud, Sabatähed, Naerulinnud, Nöbininad ja Naksitrallid. The names of the groups originate from children literature.

There are a lot of attractions, pavilions for playing and ball parks that give the children many ways to spend their time. There is also a hill for sleighing in the backyard. Every group has their own playroom, sleeping area, toilet and dressing room. There is a general dining area for all children.   For musical and physical activities auditorium is used.

 For us it is important to support children’s development through the general principles of J. Käis, that focuses on learning through the environment.  It is the centre of children's expressions and mental activities.

We see our work as growing a tree. The staff members of kindergarten, environment and families are the roots of the tree. A strong stemmed tree will grow from the roots the child. In our kindergarten the tree has three strong branches – creativity, innovativeness and environmental awareness.

Creativity is expressed in creating favorable conditions in the learning environment where children can express themselves through play, art, music, moving and also through using technological devices.

Innovativeness is expressed in using modern techniques in teaching including technological tools  where the child can learn to solve situations and tasks through expressing themselves and communicating. Also IPads and educational robokits are used.

Environmental awarness is expressed in different topics, systemic outdoor studies and educational visits through which the child can learn to feel, maintain and enhance his or her surroundings through direct experience.

We believe that the key to success lies in the collaboration with all parties in the kindergarten and the local community.